This instance of the Galaxy Project was developed by Evan Clark, Rhian Resnick, Brian Brown, and Eric Borenstein, in partnership with the lab of Dr. Massimo Caputi, FAU College of Medicine, and FAU HPC.

What is Galaxy & What Does it Offer?

A simple yet powerful bioinformatics suite.

Developed for bioinformaticists and non-bioinformaticists alike, galaxy leverages powerul tools to perform complex genomic and metagenomic analysis. Galaxy is designed to produce useful and reproducible data.

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A platform for generating universal workflows

At its core, galaxy allows users to generate and share workflows that would be otherwise useless on other computing infrastructures. With its ability to work with nearly any command-line application galaxy is ideal for developing and testing analysis pipelines for any project.

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A highly customizable platform for any scientific analysis.

Galaxy is not solely for bioinformaticians. Many galaxy instances have been developed to allow students to become familiar with the sometimes daunting task of working with the command-line. FAU specifically provides a demo docker image which can be used to develop and deploy your own galaxy instance.

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